Alira Health and Sancare Join Forces to Drive Healthcare Innovation in France

Alira Health and Sancare announced the launch of their partnership today. The companies are joining forces to unlock Realli, a game-changing source of deep hospital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data linked with claims from an expanding federated network of French hospitals, augmented with AI. With these new capabilities and the combination of Alira Health’s expertise and extensive industry knowledge and Sancare’s technology and expertise in hospital data systems, the partnership will accelerate innovation by optimizing development and broadening access to healthcare solutions for the benefit of patients and care providers.

“Through the partnership between Alira Health and Sancare, we combine our strengths to create a comprehensive end-to-end service offering that enables data access, analytics, and evidence generation strategy, providing impactful real-world solutions with purpose for patients,” said Jean-François Ricci, Chief Access Officer at Alira Health. “Our collaboration creates a central source for study design, data analysis, and communication of actionable insights that address needs for clinical research and market access in France and beyond.”

“Our partnership brings new capabilities for healthcare and life sciences organizations, especially for Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies and for data owners,” said Thomas Duval, CEO of Sancare. “By uniting Alira Health’s strengths as a Global Advisory and Contract Research Organization (CRO) with Sancare’s technology, data, and network, we enable important new evidence resources for companies developing solutions for patients.”

In joining forces to link EMR and claims data from a solid and growing hospital network, the partnership helps to overcome the significant limitations of the traditional approach to current claims data and prospective cohorts. By enabling access to large volumes of deep hospital clinical data linked with claims to address evidence gaps, the collaboration provides value across the entire drug and medtech lifecycle.

The partnership builds upon the trusted relationship Alira Health has developed with life sciences industries for over 20 years, grounded in clinical knowledge and a strategic mindset, with the participation of patients as drivers. Sancare’s expertise in developing the Realli solution, a platform that provides near real-time access to connected full content EMRs from its partner hospitals linked with claims, shortens time to study results.

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