Response Plus Medical Announces Strategic Acquisition of UK-Based Prometheus as Part of Global Expansion Plans

(Left to Right) Mr. Adam Johnson, CEO of Safeguard Medical & Dr. Rohil Raghavan, CEO Response Plus Medical. (PRNewsfoto/Response Plus Medical (RPM))
  • Prometheus Medical is a UK-based healthcare training and consultancy services company; specializing in combat medicine and emergency response
  • Extends RPM offering into UK-Nordic region and strengthen capabilities for Energy and Defense sector
  • RPM obtains distributorship for Safeguard Medical trauma care products across GCC and India

In a step towards becoming one of the largest global pre-hospital services providers, Response Plus Medical (RPM) has announced the strategic acquisition of UK-headquartered Prometheus Medical, a well-respected healthcare training and consultancy services company. Prometheus is part of Safeguard Medical, a global provider of innovative emergency medical technologies and specialized training for first responders.

RPM is part of Response Plus Holding PJSC, the largest pre-hospital medical services provider in the UAE and KSA, listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. Prometheus focuses on equipping combat service providers and emergency responders with training and consultancy services, empowering emergency service personnel since 2005. This acquisition brings together two leading healthcare providers forming a credible Global healthcare platform for Energy and Defense companies.

Presently, RPM operates 500 clinics catering to the oil & gas and industrial sectors, boasting a tier-one client roster that includes prominent names such as ADNOC, Schlumberger, Oxy, TOTAL, and Halliburton. Prometheus acquisition will provide opportunity to extend its coverage to Global Oil majors and reputed Defense provider serviced by Prometheus, including Shell, Chevron, ACKER BP, DCAS, the United Kingdom’s Military and Royal Flight of Oman, and the UK Security, Defense and NHS emergency services.

By acquiring the UK company, RPM is set to strengthen its training capabilities, while expanding the company’s portfolio to cover health consultancy for emergency preparedness and response. The acquisition also accelerates RPM’s market entry into the UK and Nordic region. Integration of the two companies will offer one stop solutions for offering emergency consultancy and training services, remote health (including emergency) services tailored to needs of Energy and Defense companies, VIPs medical coverage, and other health needs.

Dr. Rohil Raghavan, CEO of Response Plus Medical, reinforced the importance of this acquisition in implementing the company’s global expansion strategy. He said, “The strategic acquisition of Prometheus not only enhances our capability to deliver top-tier healthcare services to valued clients in diverse and innovative fields but also expands our global footprint. This move further solidifies our position as the preferred healthcare provider for leading energy and defense entities worldwide. We eagerly anticipate integrating Prometheus’s expertise into our offerings as part of our ongoing mission to deliver exceptional healthcare solutions.”

As part of the acquisition, RPM will become a distributor for US-based Safeguard Medical’s innovative trauma care and simulation products in GCC and India, bringing the most advanced range of trauma products to the region.

Steven Wines, President of Training and Consultancy at Prometheus Medical, said, “This is a pivotal moment for both organizations, paving the way for an integrated healthcare solutions provider encompassing pre-hospital services and specialized training and consultancy services. Our track record and diverse specialties, including Pre-hospital Care Protocols, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, International Major Incident Management, and innovative medical training, position us as key contributors to this transformative partnership. We are poised to deliver exceptional and cutting-edge healthcare solutions that transcend boundaries and elevate standards across industries.”

Following the acquisition, RPM is pursuing a robust strategy of integrating all aspects of pre-hospital healthcare services under one umbrella. The acquisition is planned to be funded through a combination of debt and internal accruals, and estimated to contribute early teen inorganic revenue and EBITDA growth to RPM on a run-rate basis.

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